Making a home sex tape

In addition to lights, camera, action, there are, of course, other things to consider. Finding the right light will also help you avoid seeing every wrinkle and sag. Keep it somewhere easy to remember and hard to find. And think about your background noise. Find a flat surface to shoot from. Wear makeup if it'll make you feel pretty. Whatever you do, making a sex movie should be fun first.

Making a home sex tape

If you prefer seeing yourself in your prime, then, as my friend Abby says, missionary is like insta-face lift. The more you let natural sounds prevail, the more turned on you may be post production too. Wear makeup if it'll make you feel pretty. If it's not, don't hit record. For added protection, write out the agreement, sign it and date it. Be clear about what happens and who gets to see what you make. This way you'll feel confident and ready for action. If the camera is above you with the lens is pointing down, you'll look thinner. And think about your background noise. Plot out some moves so that you don't have to edit out the parts where you're asking what to do next, or where you're taking a moment to apply more lube. For those of us a little more cautious, making a sex movie can be a lot of fun. Yeah, yeah -- you're beautiful just the way you are but thinking about the cottage cheese on your thighs can be distracting. Most of us have thought about making our own DIY porn, and then thought about the horror that would come if it was ever discovered by our children or posted on dlisted One or two of your favorite positions will turn you on and get you going and going. We all want to look our best when we're going to be immortalized naked and that means lighting matters a lot. If you shoot from below, with the camera lens up, you won't look as svelte. Then, figure out to make yourself look fantabulous while capturing all the hot steamy sex you can. If you're feeling shy, a wig can help bring out your inner vixen. Acting natural is way more difficult when the camera is on then you might think. I had a friend who once left his sex tape in his parent's VCR, only for his mother to discover things that could have made her go blind. Keep it safe, with the tape, or if you've gone digital, make two copies, one for each party or more copies if you're making a sex tape gone kinky. Don't stick with one angle. Music can either be way too distracting, or just enough of a good distraction. Advertisement If you do it right -- with thought, communication and planning -- you can capture a really good shag for years to come. For an even more artsy flare, red and purple bulbs can change the look and feel of the sex.

Making a home sex tape

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